28th August - 6th September

Worcester, England

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Continent’s leaders clash in a final day of excitement at the European Championships

  • On Sunday 6th September the two GB teams will fight for medals in the European Wheelchair Basketball Championships – the women for Bronze and the men for Gold.
  • There will be four medal games in total including two medal ceremonies to award the top teams in the continent

On Sunday 6th September the long anticipated European Wheelchair Basketball Championships will come to a dramatic close as the top teams face off for medal positions, including both Great Britain teams.

After a tight clash in which they were defeated by one point by Germany, the Great Britain women’s team will fight France for Bronze at 08.45 whilst the men will be in the final game of the day taking on the undefeated Turkish side at 17.15 for Gold to defend their European title for the third consecutive time.

Other games of the day will include the women’s Gold medal game in which an undefeated Netherlands side will battle Germany as well as the men’s Bronze medal game that will see the same countries men’s teams clash. 

With vibrant entertainment during match breaks, intense sporting action and an electric atmosphere a day spent at the medal matches would be one to treasure. Audiences of all ages have a chance to get a slice of the future action to be seen in the Rio 2016 Paralympics on their doorstep.

Prominent figures of the country have snatched up the chance themselves with dignitaries such as HRH the Countess of Wessex scheduled to attend the final games.

And afterwards, share in the joy and elation of these successful teams as they receive their medals on the same day in two ceremonies that will bring pride to so many.  

To find out more information and buy tickets to the Championships please visit www.euro2015.uk, call the ticketline on 0844 888 9991 or tickets can be bought on the door.