28th August - 6th September

Worcester, England

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Game 44: France compound Italy to another heavy defeat to leave the Azzuri pointless.

A timeout from Italy, after just one minute, epitomised the troubles faced by the Azzuri in this tournament. A lack of movement and impetus resulted in numerous shot clock violations during the first quarter and after a quick start from France it looked as though it may even have been disrupting the fluency of the Italians. Nevertheless, France took a lead of 13-2 after the first quarter following some positive approach play.

The second quarter began in similar fashion with France scoring two early baskets as Italy again struggled to venture into French territory. However, once the playmaker for Italy, number 9 began to orchestrate play in the opposition half with support finally coming from her teammates, the Azzuri got back into the game.

France led 30-10 at half time following score at the buzzer from number 9 of Italy.

France continued their dominance, forcing a 24 second violation in the first play of the half. France extended their lead with some good inside play, and consistent shooting from their number 9. With Italy only managing a consolation basket in the last few seconds of the quarter, France led 50-12. 

Good French pressure restricted Italy to long shots, with the Italians still failing to make an impact on the offensive end.  As the French side rotated through their bench, giving minutes to all their players, they furthered their lead, ending the game 69-16.


Top Scorers



1. Blandine Belz (12); 2. Grace Webolua (14); 3. Fabienne Saint-Omer Delephine (9)



1. Beatrice Sorina Ion (9); 2. Iliaria Margherita D’Anna (13); 3. Franca Borin (12)


MVP: Blandine Belz (France)