28th August - 6th September

Worcester, England

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Game 41: France men’s fall short against Poland

Opening up a 22-14 lead by the end of the first quarter, the Poland team’s more fluid movement with the ball gave them the edge and allowed space to be made for playmakers Piotr Luszynski and Mateusz Filipski. Respectively entering the game in the tournament leaders for points and assists, the pair both started for Poland.

But not to be deterred, the French team responded by pushing more numbers towards the key. Though the tactic enabled Poland to utilise quick break-away counter attacks, the reward of creating more chances saw France narrow the divide by a single point to a score of 38-33 and outscore France through the second quarter (25-24).

After the half time break, both teams moved the ball quickly towards the net when in possession. But on the scoreboard, it was Poland who gained some vital separation with Piotr Luszynski urging his team on through the increasingly close fought encounter after some key baskets.

Into the fourth quarter, Luszynski, alongside fellow centers Mateusz Filipski and Krzysztof Bandura continued to spearhead the Poland attack. But despite France threatening through center Nicolas Jouanserre and at one point reducing the gap to eight points, their efforts fell short as the game finished with Poland winning by a score of 84-68.

Having had bright spells through the match, a lack of consistency was the downfall of a France team that outscored Poland in the second quarter and fell two points short in the fourth. But taking the two points from the victory, it is Poland that moves to a total of eight and into contention for qualification for the knockout rounds.


Top Scorers


  1. Mateusz Filipski (31); 2. Piotr Luszynski (18); 3. Krzysztof Bandura (17)



  1. Nicolas Jouanserre (28); 2. Audrey Cayol (14); 3. Jerome Duran (11)


MVP: Mateusz Filipski (Poland)