28th August - 6th September

Worcester, England

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Game 2: Germany take gritty win against France

In the second game of the 2015 European Wheelchair Basketball Championships, the defending silver medallists - the German Women's Team - battled to a 74-51 win against France.

The opening six minutes of the game proved to be a nailbiting affair: Germany pushing ahead by 9-4 before France hit back to take a 10-9 lead. With just under three minutes left in the quarter, however, the German Women’s Team edged ahead to take the opening 10 minutes by 19-10.

The second quarter saw the defending silver medalists raise their game to quickly take a 14 point lead (24-10), but once again France found a way to close down their opponents’ lead in a stunning fight-back that saw the team outshoot Germany by 16-15. It was, however, still the Germans who held a 34-26 lead at half time.

Returning to court for the third quarter, it was France who took the first points courtesy of a great shot from Juliette Watine before Germany found another level of play to extend their lead to 22 points with just 10 minutes remaining in the game.

France continued to battle hard in the final quarter – earning 17 points to their opponents’ 18 – but it was Germany who secured the win with a 74-51 triumph.

France Women’s Head Coach Pascal Montet said: “It was a good match for the first game of the tournament and we’ve obtained our objectives.”

Germany Women’s Head Coach Holger Glinicki said: “For the first game, it was a good game: there were some problems in the last games with our defence; today our full court press was okay. We had some problems with transition, but in the offence we were okay – 74 points, we played inside the key well and our shooting from outside was good.”


Top Scorers


1. F. Saint Omer-Delepine (18); 2. M. Buso (14); 3. A Glemp-Etavard (6)


1. M. Mohnen (19); 2. G. Schunemann (18); 3. J Welin (16)


MVP, presented by the British Athletes Commission: Annika Zeyen (Germany)


Game Stats