28th August - 6th September

Worcester, England

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Game 20: Defending Women's Champions shine on Day 3

In the final Women's game of Day 3, Netherlands put on a phenomenal performance against Italy, dominating both ends of the court as they played to an 89-4 win.

An incredible start by the defending champions from the Netherlands saw the team shoot their way to a 22-0 lead: not only unstoppable on attack, but also using a strong performance on defence to their advantage. It was, however, the Italian Women’s Team who earned the final points of the quarter: Laura Morato, assisted by Melissa Rado, putting their team on the scoreboard.

Italy continued to put up a fight at the start of the second quarter: Beatrice Ion with the opening points. The Dutch Team, however, then put up a phenomenal performance at both ends of the court to earn 17 consecutive points and enter half time ahead by 39-4.

The third quarter saw Italy continue to battle hard, their shots just not falling; the Netherlands therefore able to drive forwards to a 68-4 lead with just 10 minutes left on the clock.

With the momentum well and truly behind them, the Dutch team’s phenomenal performance continued into the final quarter: the Netherlands earning an 89-4 victory.


Top Scorers


1. M. Beijer (25); B. Kramer (14); S. Timmerman (13)


1. = L. Morato (2) and B. Ion (2)


MVP, presented by the UK Cheerleading Association: Mariska Beijer (Netherlands)