28th August - 6th September

Worcester, England

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Game 24: Turkey Men's Team remain undefeated on Day 4

On the fourth day of competition, Italy's Men's team took on leaders of the group Turkey, seeking a second win after an impressive victory over Switzerland. After a continually tight contest Turkey secured their continuing dominance in the group with a win of 70-63.

The game began with both teams fighting hard in an even exchange of baskets that would see the quarter end 13-17 to Italy. Turkey pulled apart the Italy defence most on their faster plays, penetrating the key on multiple occasions. Meanwhile, the Italian Team found its strength in their outside shooting as well as recovering rebounds from these - proving why they are the current leaders of the competition in rebounding. They began to gain a small lead in their decision to begin isolating Turkey's defensive threat Özgür Gürbulak, this allowed them to drive to the basket more but they were not able to for long.

The break gave Turkey a new found energy that took the gap to the biggest of the game so far. They then adjusted to try to kill more time and take outside shots themselves, yet Italy continued to respond with impressive outside shooting and the game kept returning to an even score. The half would end 33-33 with plenty left to be done by both sides.

The third quarter saw Italy stepping up their defence on the inside to force more long range shots from Turkey at which they had so excelled themselves. But Turkey executed these shots with success showing them worthy of their current position in the table. And so, the teams remained in a tight competition going into the final quarter with only one point between them, 47-46 in favour of Turkey.

Entering the final quarter Italy began to lose focus on their outside shooting, forcing inside shots while Turkey continued to convert their opportunities in various scenarios. This would take them to the biggest advantage of the game a 14 point lead with seven minutes remaining. Within two more minutes however, Italy came back within nine forcing Turkey to call a time out going into the final five minutes. This decreased further to a gap of only four points thanks to some baseline drives from Italy beginning to drop. With one minute left the gap remained the same with the teams exchanging shots and showing their versatility but Italy were forced to foul to slow the clock. This sent the Turkish team to the line where they would once again extend their success to a more comfortable lead and this is where they would end the game, 70-63. 


Top Scorers


1. C. Gezinci (28); 2. I. Ar (14); 3. O. Gürbulak (13)*

*triple double


1. S. Rossetti (16); M. Cavaginni (13); 3. A. Raourahi (11)


MVP, presented by the UK Cheerleading Association: Cem Gezinci (Turkey)