28th August - 6th September

Worcester, England

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Game 25: Italy Women's Team play to first win of Championships

With both Italy and Turkey Women’s Teams looking for their first win of the Championships, it was the latter who emerged victorious with a 42-20 triumph.

Italy came out strong at the start of this Day 4 encounter, but the shots just wouldn’t drop for either team. In the end, it was Turkey who were first on the scoreboard courtesy of Naciye Çakir and, from there, despite Italy fighting hard, the team shot their way to a 8-0. A fantastic basket by Beatrice Sorina Ion then saw Italy hit back to within six points, but it was Turkey who took the first quarter by 11-2.

Building upon their momentum, Turkey continued to push ahead in the second quarter to enter half time with a 24-6 advantage.

The third quarter saw the Turkey Women’s Team continue to dominate the play as they pushed to 36-10 lead with just 10 minutes left in the game.

Italy, however, hit back in the final quarter: outshooting their opponents by 10-6; nevertheless, on the final buzzer, it was Turkey who had played their way to their first win of the Championships with a 42-20 victory.


Top Scorers


1. B. Ion (12); 2. F. Borin (6); 3. L. Morato (2)


1. A. Emuce (20); 2. M. Ercan (6); 3. E. Senturk


MVP, presented by LESK: Asiye Emuce (Turkey)