28th August - 6th September

Worcester, England

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Game 32: Italy emerge as winners against Israel on day 5

As we start day 5 with the first game between Italy and Israel, both teams start strong in the first quarter. Israel began to take a more defensive approach, with Italy's number 13 Stefano Rossetti making good passes and consistent shots.  At the end of the quarter, Italy held a commanding 22-7 lead.

Israel started the second quarter strongly, with a 4-0 run. However good play by Italy's Fabio Bernardis (number 15) maintained the Italians lead, with good offensive inside play. After a timeout, Italy regrouped and extended their lead, with the score at 32-18. A big 3 point play from the Israeli number 9 Roei Rozenberg started an Israeli comeback, with number 11 shooting the ball well. The Italians led at the end of the first half, 38-27.

A good play from Israel opened the scoring in the second half, however Italy responded with a 3 point play and a further basket to take the lead 41-31. With 2 minutes left on the clock, Israel closed the gap to 49-42, with a big contribution from Israel's number 9 Roei Rozenburg, scoring at will. Good shooting from Rossetti for Italy maintained their lead, with the quarter ending 51-44.

Italy takes the first shot of the last quarter of the second half. Number 11 from Israel Igal Allon Onn Dor battled hard to try and keep up with the Italians.

A strong start to the final quarter from Israel, with plenty of scoring opportunities on the inside, which led to an Italian timeout, with the score at 58-54, and just 6 minutes left on the clock. Good play between Rossetti and Cavagnini increased Italy's lead to 6 points, but Israel stayed in close contention with consistent shooting from number 8 Dotan Meishar. A close fought game from both sides, with Italy coming away with the win after a final score of 68-63. 


Top Scorers


1. S. Rossetti (18); 2. M. Cavagnini (18); 3. F. Bernardis (14)


1. I. Dor Onn (20)*; 2. D. Meishar (13); 3. R.Rozenberg (10)


*double double, points and assists


MVP: presented by LESK: Igal Allon Dor Onn (ISR)