28th August - 6th September

Worcester, England

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Game 38: Turkey remain triumphant after defeating Switzerland

On day five of competition the undefeated Turkish team took on Switzerland and keeping their current winning streak at the Championships alive by taking a 79-52 win. 

In the opening of the game, Switzerland contested the Turkish time thanks to some unusually low shooting percentages by Turkey as they forced to put up some tough outside shots, failing to convert them. Meanwhile, Swiss threat Phillip Häfeli kept Switzerland's points consistently within reach with his impressive scoring ability. But despite this, Turkey still had the edge, playing some aggressive defence that helped them end the quarter 21-11 up. 

The next quarter followed a similar trend, but Turkey's outside shots began to drop. Despite this, the Swiss continued to keep the intensity, with both teams scoring the exact same amount of points as in the first quarter, ending the half 42-22 to Turkey. 

As the second half opened it seemed Switzerland were looking to fight back and close the gap as they began to create more space, leading to some well executed cuts to basket. Unfortunately for the Swiss team, with just under two minutes remaining in the quarter their leading scorer Häfeli was brought off the court due to foul trouble. Turkey seemed to have a first hold on the game with the Swiss team needing to pull back a significant score 20 point deficit moving into the 4th Quarter with the score at 58-38.

In the final quarter, Turkey came out hard on the fast break to add some quick baskets to their score and widen the gap. Switzerland responded with some high intensity defence but they couldn't make up the gap leading to a 79-52 Turkey win.  

Top scorers:

1. F. Gümüs (17) 2. Ö. Gürbulak (15) 3. F. Gündogdu (13) 

1. M. Amacher (20) 2. P. Häfeli (17) 3. M. Suter (9)

MVP: Ö. Gürbulak (Turkey)