28th August - 6th September

Worcester, England

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Game 47: Turkey's men demonstrate power with victory over Israel

The game opened with the teams in reasonable reach of one another. Turkey executed their shots with more versatility and consistency but nonetheless Israel remained close with the quarter ending 14-8.

But in the following quarter Turkey began to gain momentum. They found more and more gaps to drive through the key for a lay up or set shot underneath the basket. This also allowed them more chances to recover their own rebounds, which aided any struggling consistency. Israel however ended the half on an impressive fast break, which set the tone of their determination going into second half behind 31-22.

The third however only proved Turkey's dominance. Despite missing several shots in the opening of the quarter they were still able to increase their lead over Israel from all areas of the offensive end whilst their defence shutdown multiple chances for any Israeli comeback.

This would continue into the fourth despite Israel finding more space on the inside of the key. The depth of players with consistent shooting in the Turkish team was too much to overcome and the buzzer went with a 69-53 win for Turkey.


Top Scorers



1. I. Yavuz (20) 2. F. Gümüs (19) 3. K. Dalay (8)



1. L. Dror (12) 2. R. Rozenberg (9) 3. A. Shabo (8)


MVP: I. Yarvuz (TUR)