28th August - 6th September

Worcester, England

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Game 51: Spain overpower Turkey to take fifth

Spain was clearly stronger power in the first quarter executing their shots from both outside and inside the key whilst Turkey continued to miss their opportunities. The Spanish team worked hard on defense forcing several turnovers and the quarter ended in their favour -16-5.

In the following quarter Spain excelled most at driving to the basket meanwhile enforcing a full court press defense. This held Turkey to scoring only four further points ahead of half time whilst Spain added 17 to their own and so they went into the second half with a score of 33-9.

The third saw a continuation of versatile shooting from the Spanish side alongside forcing Turkish turnovers. In the final three minutes of the quarter Turkey finally managed to sink some baskets but they were still struggling behind 47-15.

In the final ten minutes Turkey were able to score the most points of any of the quarters but the strength of Spain was too much especially as their offensive rebounding improved. With impressive dominance Spain would be the victors at the buzzer, the score 68-24.


Top Scorers



1. M. Alonso Vilariño (20) 2. V. Pérez Gutierrez (16) 3. A. Montreal Cortijo (15)



1. N. Çakir (6) 2. S. Kinal (6) 3. A. Emuce (4)


MVP: A. Montiel Cortijo (Spain)