28th August - 6th September

Worcester, England

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Game 53: The Netherlands remain undefeated in face off with Great Britain

The teams were fairly even from the tip but the Netherlands started stronger with their undeniable dominance on the offensive boards as well as a high-pressure defense that left Great Britain somewhat indecisive. Lead Great Britain scorer Helen Freeman however helped carry the home team’s points forward despite the pressure and they were only a basket behind going into the next quarter.

In the second, Great Britain continued to suffer most with the Netherlands' success on the offensive rebounds. This along with their penetrative offense gave them multiple points under the basket. The home team benefited from some fast-paced transitions to break up the strong defence they faced but they could not yet overpower the impressive shooting percentage of their opponents. The half ended with the Netherlands ahead 32-24.

In the opening of the next half the strategies and execution of the teams remained much the same. Great Britain worked best when they communicated and passed the ball around on the offensive end but they still struggled to stop the sheer power of the Netherlands when defending and they went into the fourth still behind by eight points.

The first minute and a half saw the Netherlands quickly extend this to a lead of 14 points after which Great Britain called a time out to try and regroup to make an effort to make up the difference before the buzzer. Unfortunately for Great Britain they continued to fail to execute shots of their own or stop powerhouses of the Netherlands, such as Mariska Beijer, and the game ended 64-52 to the Netherlands.


Top Scorers



1. M. Beijer (37) 2. C. Korver (9) 3. J. Visser (8)


Great Britain:

1. H. Freeman (28) 2. J. Hamer (8) 3. L. Williams (8)


MVP: M. Beijer (Netherlands)