28th August - 6th September

Worcester, England

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Game 56: Tears of joy as the Netherlands advance

It opened as it meant to go on with the teams taking successful turns in their own offensive ends. Whilst the Netherlands found their strength in shots just inside the paint, Poland scored most under the basket as a result of driving past a well enforced full court press from the Netherlands side. The quarter ended with only a point difference between them, 19-18 to the Netherlands. 

In the second the Netherlands excelled further, widening their range of shots although still most consistent shooting just inside the paint. Poland scored predominantly from the outside as the Netherlands defence pushed them out more. This seemed to be in response to them staying within reach when able to get underneath the basket in the first quarter. With these factors of the game, the Netherlands were able to build on a slight lead to take the score to 36-28 at half time.

For most of the third quarter it was the Netherlands who remained stronger keeping a consistent lead and very impressive on the offensive boards. However, Poland kept pulling them closer. After being within five points on three occasions, they finally came within two points five seconds before the buzzer. Much of this can be attributed to their undeniable power in outside shooting which still leads all teams in the competition. And so, with the final ten minutes to play the Netherlands were only just ahead 49-47.

The opening minutes saw another change in momentum. The Netherlands added six points to their score while Poland turned the ball over multiple times and failed to score. They called a time out in an attempt to restart their campaign for a comeback but only a few minutes later they would have to the same as the lead of the Netherlands had extended up to 12 points. Poland would manage to decrease this by three but they didn't have enough to stop the Netherlands and so it was they who moved onto the next round with their victory of 63-56.

Top Scorers

1. M. Bellers (21) 2. M. Korkmaz (16) 3. R. Poggenwisch (10)

1. M. Filipski (20) 2. K. Bandura (16) 3. P. Luszynski (10)

MVP: M. Bellers (Netherlands)