28th August - 6th September

Worcester, England

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Game 59: Italy claim their first win of the games

The first three and a half minutes were a stalemate with neither team executing a successful offensive play. Soon, however, Italy began to defy their record against Turkey with their shots dropping more on the offensive end and their defence pressuring Turkey into either shot clock violations or forced shots. They went into the second quarter ahead 5-3.

This would improve even more in the next 10 minutes. The Italy team worked the offense to find the gaps and dropped several outside shots with much thanks to their top scorer Beatrice Sorina Ion. Turkey were able to add only six points to their total as Italy stormed ahead to a total of 21 points and hoping to continue it in the next half. 

The third quarter continued with the momentum in favour of Italy however towards the end of the quarter Turkey began to make a small run at a comeback and came within eight before the buzzer. The final score of the individual period was actually 12-8 in Turkey's favour and if they could keep this trend going there was a possibility they could overcome the deficit created in the first half. 

But Turkey could not revive a comeback. The final ten minutes were played with a lot of energy and passion from both sides but Italy kept its lead with the help of their impressive amount of steals as well as converting these to points on the scoreboard for a final tally of 40-31.

Top Scorers

1. N. Çakir (10) 2. B. Unal (7) 3. A. Emuce (6)

1. B. Ion (12) 2. L. Morato (11) 3. I. D'Anna (8)

MVP: I. D'Anna (Italy)