28th August - 6th September

Worcester, England

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Game 61: Italy repeat success over Israel

The teams started evenly with only a point between them after five minutes of play. Italy played their offense with increased adaptability. They effectively read the defence they faced and worked the ball to the best opportunity for points as well as recovering multiple offensive rebounds to allow themselves second chances. Israel found the majority of their points under the basket however they completed them very successfully and stayed only three points behind going into the second quarter.

But this gap soon grew as the teams started the second quarter and Italy's defence began to push out Israel forcing them to take more outside shots. They were less consistent from outside the key and struggled to keep up with the score at first. However by the half time buzzer they had started to hit more of these shots as well as find occasional gaps again in the paint but they were still behind 30-25.

The first two minutes of the second half did not indicate that this would improve soon. Italy had doubled their lead completely shutting down Israel's offense and fighting hard for every point on their own. As the quarter continued Israel were still unable to stop Italy's offense and in the fourth quarter they faced being behind almost 20 points with the score at 53-35.

After a slow first half of the final quarter Israel began to find some space inside the key and executed some crucial drives and a impressive three pointer that dragged the Italian side back within eight points with three and a half minutes remaining. But despite the late revival Israel struggled to regain the lead as the time ran out with the score still in favour of Italy 64-54.

Top Scorers:

1. F. Bernadis (19) 2. S. Rossetti (13) 3. A. Raourahi(12)

1. A. Shabo (14) 2. I. Dov Onn (13) 3. R. Rozenberg (8)

MVP: F. Bernadis (ITA)