28th August - 6th September

Worcester, England

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Game 65: France stage comeback to repeat victory over Czech Republic

In the first quarter the two sides exchanged small leads, the Czech Republic through penetrating the key for drives whilst French remained strong from their jump shots. At the end of the quarter despite the Czech Republic building a small lead of two baskets France delivered a three pointer on the buzzer that left the teams with only a point difference going to the next quarter. 

France continued to struggle to contain the drives from the Czech Republic especially from forward Miroslav Šperk. They were able to force multiple turnovers from the Czech Republic but continued to fail to execute opportunities of their own and in this manner the Czech Republic excelled to a score of 32-23 ahead of the break. 

They extended this lead in the third up to as much as 16 at which point France called a time out to try and organize themselves. This they did with some success finding more room under the basket as well and slowing Czech Republic drives to set plays on which they struggled more. France were back being behind only seven points with ten minutes remaining.

This momentum continued for France. They enforced a full court press and blocked the Czech Republic out from their main scoring zone - the key. They found their rhythm in their own offensive end succeeded with both shots and rebounds and with just over three minutes remaining forced the Czech Republic to call a time out as they had streaked past them by four points. But the break did not have the desired effect for the Czech Republic. France only continued to extend their lead and held their opponents to only two baskets. The game ended with the scoreboard displaying victory for France, 60-50.

Top Scorers

1. C. Carlier (17) 2. F. Etavard (12) 3. H. Belaïd (12)

Czech Republic:
1. P. Tu?ek (20) 2. M. Šperk (16) 3. R. Pohlmann (6)

MVP: H. Belaïd (France)