28th August - 6th September

Worcester, England

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Game 66: Switzerland suffer final defeat to Sweden

The teams remained very close to one another for the majority of the first quarter. With four minutes remaining Sweden began to edge out ahead slightly by executing a continually adapting offence that kept Switzerland guessing and they were four points ahead by the buzzer. 

In the second quarter the Swedish lead grew more whilst Switzerland's score remained fairly stagnant which could have been attributed to lead scorer Philipp Häfeli being off the court. However, upon his return the team worked a lot better and came as close to Sweden as four points. This slipped only slightly ahead of the break and Sweden went into the second half ahead 32-26.

This gap between the two remained consistent for much of the third quarter. Switzerland became stronger on rebounds but that would not be enough to stop the increasing success of Sweden's shots and with just over four minutes remaining Sweden's lead had increased to 12 points as a result of this shooting. This would improve by only one point for Switzerland in that time and Sweden remained ahead 49-38 before the fourth quarter.

Unfortunately for the Swiss this would only increase in the final ten minutes. Sweden sank their outside shots with the most consistency of the game and Switzerland were unable to respond as the score ended 76-50.

Top Scorers

1. J. Lindén (31)  2. J. Lindblom (17) 3. C. Seidel (12)

1. J. Binda (12) 2. M. Suter (12) 3. P. Häfeli (10)

MVP: J. Lindén (Sweden)