28th August - 6th September

Worcester, England

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Game 68: Poland claim 7th place in an easy win over Israel

Both teams started slowly trading early baskets with no team putting their stamp on the quarter and defences winning most of the battles. However, after a flurry of fouls by the Israelis coupled with some excellent shooting outside the key, Poland started to edge ahead. This trend continued towards the end of the quarter with Poland breaking in numbers to add to there lead and the Israelis missing crucial shots under the basket. The quarter ended with Poland leading 23-14. 

The second quarter began with the Israelis defending the key excellently which allowed there offence to take over as they closed the gap to only 4 points. A time out midway through the quarter allowed Poland to regain there momentum and with strong defence of the key they started to dominate the game. Tactical fouling around the key by the Israelis failed to stop the Polish wave and after trading late baskets Poland ended the half with a 10 point advantage leading 40-30. 

Both offences started the second half strong but with vastly superior shooting from Poland they extended there lead. Poland's defence remained strong around the key and with Israel pushing to get back in the game they left huge defensive holes which allowed Poland to edge further ahead. Towards the end of the quarter the Israeli shooting gave them little hope of a comeback with zero baskets being made in the final 4 minutes. Without really being tested, Poland were comfortable at the end of the 3rd quarter leading 56-40. 

A tired looking Israeli team started the 4th quarter slowly giving Poland little problems at either end of the court. Poland continued to control the game, allowing Israel little opportunity for an improbable comeback. Poland were the victims of multiple fouls around the key as the Israelis tried to crawl back an advantage, but with poor offensive play, Poland's lead was never in trouble. Towards the end of the game Israel momentarily regained there shooting accuracy but with Poland slowing the pace of the ball they were able to come out victorious by 69-55. 

Top scorers

1. A. Macek (16) 2. P. Luszynski (11) 3. M. Balcerowski (10)

1. I. Dor Onn (14) 2. R. Bentolila (12) 3. T. Yatzkan (7) 

MVP: A. Macek (Poland)