28th August - 6th September

Worcester, England

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Game 42: Sweden secures success against Switzerland

The opening exchanges were indicative of the fortunes of both teams during these championships. With one win between both Sweden and Switzerland it was of no surprise that the game began in a scrappy fashion. Neither team found it easy to penetrate the opposition's defence, with misplaced passes and tight marking dominating the play.

With the score at 8-8 at the first timeout it was then that the in-form number 31 for Switzerland, Phillipp Häfeli and number 15 of Sweden, Joakim Linden asserted their authority on the game. Both teams traded blow for blow before a lack of discipline resulted in Switzerland conceding two fouls and an 18-12 lead after the first quarter.

Häfeli continued to dominate the game after the break as Switzerland went ahead for the first time in the match midway through the second quarter. "It's getting good" as David, Worcester Arena’s resident commentator remarked. He wasn’t wrong, as the thrilling contest continued with end-to-end scoring.

On the buzzer Sweden scored to lead 35-33 at half time with both starlets Häfeli and Linden dominating with 14 points and 5 rebounds apiece.

The second half began with a huge 3 pointer from Sweden as both teams continued to thrill the Worcester crowd. The lead was exchanged on numerous occasions, but again Sweden ended the period in the ascendency, this time at 54-52.

When the powerful number 10 from Sweden, Husein Haidari was fouled out of the game early in the final quarter it looked as though the luck may finally be going the way of the Swiss. Instead, Switzerland’s number 77, Walter Spuler followed Haidari out of the game minutes later. As Switzerland’s discipline disappeared in the final stages Sweden were able to pick holes in the former’s defence to surge to a 80-66 win.


Top scorers


1. J. Linden (28) 2. J. Lindblom (16) 3. J. Blomquist (13)


1. P. Häfeli (22) 2. M. Amacher (18) 3. J. Binda (13)


MVP: P. Häfeli