28th August - 6th September

Worcester, England

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Game 28: Netherlands women secure their third successive win of the championship

Shooting for their third successive win at the 2015 European Wheelchair Basketball Championships, a dominant Netherlands team proved too strong for France.

The Netherlands had jumped out to an early 20-6 lead by the end of the first quarter, quickly opening up play with smooth counter attacks that the French often struggled to keep pace with.

But holding possession for longer in attack, moving the ball quickly and utilising the height of Fabienne Saint Omer-Delepine around the net, a spirited fight back from the French through the second quarter held the score at half time to 32-13.

However, the difference between the two teams grew greater in the third quarter, with the Netherlands widening the gap to 39 points and a score of 55-16. Tightening up their marking, the Netherlands continued to frustrate France’s attack before capitalising with quick breaks back to the French net.

The score at the final whistle was 70-22 to the Netherlands, with France continuing to struggle to create space in attack against a Netherlands team giving game time to the rest of its squad through the fourth quarter.

Mariska Beijer and Inge Huitzing were standout performance for the victors, amassing 25 and 12 points respectively despite being substituted in the second half. With a showdown for the Netherlands against the currently undefeated Germany getting closer, the pair will be looking to help their team continue to be the highest scoring and lowest conceding teams of the tournament so far.

 Top Scorers


 M. Beijer (25); I. Huitzing (12); C. Krove (10)


 F. Saint Moer-delephine (8); M. Buso (6); G. Wembolua (4)

 MVP: I. Huitzing (Netherlands)