28th August - 6th September

Worcester, England

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Game 48: Germany secure victory against Spain in final Day 6 match-up

In the last match-up of the day Spain took on Germany. An exciting game between two talented teams, both undefeated. Spain started the game impressively with a 5-0 run, scoring a quick lay in followed by an incredible shot from No13, Pereiro, who scored and was fouled in the process causing him to fall out his wheelchair. He then converted the shot from the line for the three-point play. The Germans took a time out at the 5.20 mark. The score at the interval was 11-5. The Germans brought it back by attacking the basket, getting fouled in the process converting from free throw line.  The quarter was a high-scoring affair, both teams racking up points on the scoreboard. The end of the first quarter saw a narrow lead 18-16 to Spain.

At the start of the second the Germans initially struggled to make a shot, only being able to convert one field goal in the first 5 minutes of the quarter. This quickly changed as they scored a flurry of baskets through hustling and defensive stops. The score was 24-26 with 3 minutes left. The game started to get very chippy and physical between the two sides. Every time the Spanish extended the lead the Germans were right there, closing the gap each time. The Germans were flustered with the Spanish pest-like defense, rarely relenting. The score was 28-30 to the Spanish with 1.18 left to play.  Spain’s no7, Pablo Zarzuela, scores a layup just before the end of the quarter to make the score to 32-28 to the Spanish.

During the second half, Spain picked up where they left off starting with a quick 5-0 run to open the quarter once again. Spain’s initial suffocating defense, quelled the Germans’ comeback, and they continued to score at will, extending the lead to 12 points with 3 minutes to go in the period. But the Germans remained resilient and narrowed the score to 5 by the end of the 3rd quarter. The Spanish led 50-45.

The fourth quarter was an action-packed affair with both teams going back and forth exchanging basket after basket, neither team relenting.

At 5:22 Germany’s no11, D. Passiwan, was fouled and hit two crucial free throws for the un-sportsman like foul he received. They then got the ball back and no12, A. Halouski, scored a layup and was fouled in the process. He then proceeded to knock down the free throw, converting the three-point play. Tying the game with 5:14 left to play the score was 56-56. The Germans now had the momentum, what a turnaround, a testament to their hard work and resilience. At 4:40 left in the quarter the Germans took their first lead of the game 58-56. The Germans, firmly in control, never took over and never looked back. Germany outscored the Spanish 21-8 in the fourth to overcome the deficit and comeback to win. The final score was 66-58 to Germany. No11, D.Passiwan, led the charge for the Germans. He flirted with a triple double finishing with 17 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists.


Top Scorers


1. D. Passiwan (17); 2. A. Halouski (17); 3. T. Bohme (17)


1. P. Zarzuela (18); 2. A. Zarzuela & J. Ruiz Jordan (10); 3. A. Garcia Pereiro (11)


MVP: D. Passiwan (Germany)