28th August - 6th September

Worcester, England

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Game 58: Spain topple Poland once again

In the first quarter Poland were able to establish an early lead. At Spain's offensive end they appeared indecisive and struggled to decide and execute the correct shots. Poland meanwhile excelled at trapping Spanish players on their offensive end  as other players went to basket allowing multiple three on two opportunities where they could get an easy score. With this tactic and their successful shooting they went into the second quarter ahead 14-8.

After four minutes in the next quarter however Spain had managed to pull Poland back to within one point. A high pressure defence from Spain forced Poland to commit multiple shot clock violations while they appeared much more structured on the offensive end. Their shot percentage improved to 50%  and improvement of almost 20% and this success took them into the lead by a basket ahead of half time. 

The starting four minutes of the second half saw an even exchange of successful offenses however Poland began to fight back more with their own offense excelling in outside shooting as they have done for a lot of the tournament whilst the Spanish seemed to lose focus. Yet, with two and a half minutes remaining in the quarter Spain had managed to pull back Poland once again enforcing a press defence that kept Poland completely out of range. The score of the quarter itself was all tied up but Spain ended it ahead by a single basket once again, 41-39.

In the final quarter the teams remained at a tied score up to five minutes in but the Spanish defence began forcing errors for Poland once again. Poor passing and shot clock violations meant that Poland turned the ball over six times. Meanwhile, Spain were unstoppable under the basket thanks their top scorer Alejandro Zarzuela. With just over two minutes remaining in the game they had built up a lead of eight points. At that point, Poland called a time out but could not rally enough to catch their opponents and so Spain were victorious again with a final score of 56-47.

Top Scorers

1. A. Zarzuela (21) 2. A. García Pereiro (14) 3. P. Zarzuela (12)

1. K. Bandura (11) 2. M. Balcerowski (9) 3. M. Filipski (9)

MVP: A. Zarzuela (Spain)