28th August - 6th September

Worcester, England

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Game 67: Spain powers past Italy to take fifth

The first quarter set the tone early on. Spain enforced a high pressure full court press defence that left Italy flustered and unable to work a proper offence as they had done in their win the day before. Spain on the other hand, were attacking the basket from every angle with offensive rebounds giving them multiple chances and they lead 20-2 at the end of the first period.

In the second Spain scored significantly less. Five minutes in Italy were winning the individual period 4-2 however a Spanish time out sparked more energy and success on the court. However they still added only eight points to their score as opposed to their strong start. Regardless, Spain still lead going into the second half 28-9.

The opening of the next half however saw a return to winning ways for Spain who had added the amount they scored in the previous period to their total within three minutes of play and by the buzzer reached a total of 46. Italy continued to struggle to get much structure to their offence and added only four to their own total. 

The final ten minutes did not hold much difference from the trend of the game so far. Spain continued to use their speed and height to drive to basket and recover any misses and Italy continued to find no way of responding to return within reach. The score ended 68-15.

Top Scorers

1. M. Alonso Vilariño (30) 2. V. Pérez Gutierrez (12) 3. S. Ruiz Escribano (6)

1. L. Movato (4) 2. I. D'Anna (4) 3. F. Borin (3) 

MVP: M. Alonso Vilariño (Spain)