28th August - 6th September

Worcester, England

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Game 72: Germany impress to go home with the bronze medal

In a bizarre start to the game, the German team after winning the tip off, then proceeded to score a basket in there own hoop but in the act of sportsmanship the game was restarted. Despite there mistake Germany started strong shooting well and restricting Netherlands' chances inside the key. However after 5 minutes without a basket successive 3 point plays by the Netherlands' M. Korkmaz managed to disrupt the German flow allowing the Dutch to edge ahead going into the last few minutes of the quarter. Even with the Germans quick start, Netherlands finished the quarter leading 18-14.

The second quarter started slowly with neither team making an impact. After some strong defensive play by both sides, Netherlands began to find space underneath the basket which allowed them to edge further ahead. Time outs by both teams late in the quarter allowed Germany to regain there momentum as they tied the game. After exchanging baskets with Germany not wanting to hear the buzzer, the half ended even 30-30. 

Both teams started the second half slowly with the Germans gaining the lead due to there superior shooting around the key. The Germans quickly regained there rhythm they possessed at the start of the game, allowing Netherlands little scoring opportunities coupled with impressive offensive play led by D. Passiwan. The flow of the game stalled in the last few minutes due to persistent fouling by both teams, but Germany ended the quarter leading 54-40. 

Netherlands, needing a huge display in the final quarter started well but the Germans matched them basket for basket securing there advantage. Netherlands' offensive play vastly improved cutting the German advantage to 10 points, but with there fast, clinical breaking the lead never looked in danger. Towards the end of game, Germany pressed high up the pitch to halt the Netherland offensive progress, while controlling the game when in possession. The game ended with Germany beating Netherlands 74-56 to go home with the bronze medal. 

Top Scorers

1. T. Böhme (21) 2. D. Passiwan (21) 3. A. Halouski (16)

1. M. Korkmaz (19) 2. M. Bellers (13) 3. R. Poggenwisch (12)

MVP: D. Passiwan (Germany)